Non-English Resources for Discovering the Word of Wisdom

languages.signsDo you speak another language fluently or know someone who does? I’m trying to find fans of the Word of Wisdom who are willing to translate the Short Film and/or the first two chapters of Discovering the Word of Wisdom into other languages. I know the Lord loves all his children and that the counsel in the Word of Wisdom can bless every country, tongue, and people. I’m happy to announce that the book has already made its way into over 20 countries outside the U.S., but it is only in English and there are many more who need this message!

I also welcome plant-based members of the Church who speak another language to write their stories in their native language to post on the site.

All non-English translations will be made freely available to the public.

Roadmap for Future Non-English Resources

I’d love to provide the following for each non-English language:

1. A translation of Discovering the Word of Wisdom: A Short Film. Subtitles are already available in many languages!

2. A translation of at least the first two chapters of Discovering the Word of Wisdom. (I can provide an MS Word document with the text.)

3. Stories of native speakers adopting a healthy whole food, plant-based diet grounded in the Word of Wisdom.

4. A translation of the WFPB guidelines.

5. Links to other existing resources the language.

Current Pages for Non-English Speakers

Contact Me if You Can Help

If you (or someone you know) are willing to help, please contact me here.

Last modified: August 6, 2016

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