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“The Word of Wisdom . . . gives specific direction regarding the food we eat.” (President Thomas S. Monson, October 2016 General Conference)

Welcome to Discovering the Word of Wisdom. We all know that the Word of Wisdom counsels us to abstain from alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and tea. Did you know that the Word of Wisdom also contains “specific direction regarding the food we eat?” This is the Lord’s counsel so that we can be healthy, both physically and spiritually. Just as science provides evidence that alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and tea are not healthy for our bodies, science is now demonstrating that the dietary counsel in the Word of Wisdom is also optimal for our bodies. What is that counsel? There are three parts:

  1. All “wholesome herbs [plants] . . . in the season thereof” should be used with “prudence and thanksgiving.” (D&C 89:10–11).
  2. Animal flesh is ordained for human use, but it should be eaten sparingly, and it is pleasing to the Lord if it is not used, except in times of need (“times of winter . . . cold, or famine” and “excess of hunger”) (D&C 89:12–13, 15).
  3. “All grain is good” and is ordained to be the “staff of life.” (D&C 89:14, 16).

This describes a diet of primarily (or even exclusively) whole plant foods, meaning plant foods that are relatively unprocessed and unrefined. Science demonstrates that this diet cannot only prevent disease; it can also cure and reverse many types of serious chronic illness. This should give us great hope! We are not victims. There is something we can do for our health. What we can do is to take the word of the Lord seriously and follow the counsel in D&C 89, the Word of Wisdom.

The purpose of this site is to provide some resources to help you to explore a “whole food, plant-based” approach to the Word of Wisdom. We hope you’ll enjoy this exploration and try this way of eating for yourself!

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Libro – Descubriendo la Palabra de sabiduría

Descubriendo la Palabra de sabiduría: Ideas sorprendentes con una perspectiva de alimentos integrales basados en plantas escrito por Jane Birch (Provo, Utah: Despertares puros, 2013).

Capítulo 1 – Despertando a la Palabra de Sabiduría

Capítulo 2 – La carne de las bestias

Testimonios de los Santos de los Últimos Días

Read the testimonies of Latter-days Saints who have experienced better health and increased joy by embracing a whole food, plant-based approach to the Wow of Wisdom.

Historias de los Santos de los Últimos Días

Pilar Arce

Lynn Henrichsen

Debbie Christofferson

Palabra de sabiduría

89 de Doctrina y Convenios

Whole food, plant-based Resources

Science confirms the power of a “whole food, plant-based diet” in harmony with the Word of Wisdom. It is useful to study the science and learn from experts who have decades of experience helping people successful adopt this way of eating and achieve optimal health. Go here to learn more about the power of a whole food, plant-based diet.


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