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Discovering the Word of Wisdom:

Surprising Insights from a Whole Food, Plant-based Perspective

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  1. Jane,

    Thank you so much for writing this book and creating this video. This is awesome!! Our family has been following a plant-based, whole foods diet for the last 10 years after we were introduced to The China Study as well as books by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Dr. John McDougall while I was in dental school. My wife has just devoured many more books on this subject and we have become very passionate about this way of eating. We have experienced so many incredible blessings from living this way and have truly realized the promises in the Word of Wisdom. Over the last 10 years we have taught a few hundred people, through a 6 week class we developed, about all the benefits of a plant based diet. We have made many life-long “foodie friends” who love to share their success stories, recipes, and incredible joy with us. They feel like they’ve been given their life back. We LOVE it! This book and video will be a great asset to us, especially as we share these things with other LDS members. I am so glad my sister-in-law made me aware of your book and this website.

    Thanks again. This is perfect!

    Merrill and Janeen Alley

  2. I wonder if you will have an audio version of the book put out? I have family I’d love to have read the book but are able to do audio only.

    I had been suffering from illness due to hormone imbalance for 7 months. I had been heavily consuming dairy and eggs, eating meat a few times a week.
    I watched the videos back in August and decided to go completely vegan for 2 months and felt great! Then I tried reintroducing eggs and dairy one week and within days was feeling like I had relapsed into that miserable chronic illness.
    I returned to feeling completely normal within a few days of clean eating. I’ve continued and have noticed that I feel much better the closer I stick to it. I do eat cheese on occasion but haven’t felt any desire to eat meat or eggs. I thought I’d be craving it but I haven’t at all.
    I started reading your book and am finding a renewed sense of motivation to give up the cheese completely and see how it can benefit my health even more.
    It’s been a tough road with changing eating for my husband and children. Though, they notice the difference in my health and are supportive of it in that way. I think if I could have them read to your book, it would bring more unity in the home.
    Thanks for writing it and providing these resources to everyone. It sure has blessed my life.

    • Thanks so much, Alyse, for your comment! I appreciate the encouragement to do an audio version. You are not the first to ask. It would take quite a bit of my time to record the entire book, and I don’t have the equipment, but due to your encouragement, I will look a little more into whether I can work this out!

      I praise your efforts in improving your diet and trying to help your family. You will be eternally bless for this.

      Let me know if there is anything else I can do to be helpful.


  3. I am reading your book and we would like to implement this in our diet. I am wondering if there are any support groups in the area to help with coming up with a menu and sharing recipes??? Thank you for all the work you have done to help us understand the word of wisdom.

    • Hi Katherine: PayPal lists the retail price for the PDF, but will apple the discount before you actually pay, so it will be $3.99 (plus tax if you live in Utah). Thanks for your interest! Jane

  4. My husband and I are from Canada. We discovered your book last year at a missionary swap meet while serving in the SLC Headquarters mission. It was an answer to prayer and moved us forward into REALLY LIVING by the principles taught in D&C 89. Then, another copy of your book miraculously showed up in our lives. My husband was so excited to share what we were learning and living that he ended up giving away BOTH our copies to interested family and friends just before we left the mission last spring! I searched for another copy to take back to Canada with me, but there were none available at the stores I was able to get to. I was so pleased to find this website and order a pdf copy of the book for my pc to help keep us on the ‘straight and narrow’ as it has been too easy to slip back into old habits without the book to reference.Thank you!

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