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  1. I’m new to WFPB, have been transitioning for over two months now, feel like this is an answer to prayers for my husband and me. I would like to be added to the private Facebook group if possible. Thank you so much!

  2. Hello Jane, i would appreciate being part of the facebook group. I am already careful with my diet, but I am interested in everything you have to teach me. I want to grow most of my own veggies this year.

    Thank you so much,


    • Hi Karen! So glad you want to join us on Facebook. I have added you to the group [anyone can add themselves by clicking on the links in my comment above to Margaret]. I look forward to getting to know you better! I’m sure you’ll have much to teach me as well. Jane

  3. I have read your articles on Meridian magazine. I believe what you say, but I have a problem. I am severely allergic to most plant based foods. It is easier to tell you what I can eat. I can eat beans, and peanuts. I can eat veggies if they have been canned, and fruits if they have been canned. To eat them fresh causes hives, and swelling of my throat. I can eat whole wheat bread that I grind myself. I’m allergic to the Casine in dairy products, but if I go easy, I can get away with cheese and one glass of milk a day. I love barley and do fine on it. A few weeks ago, I tried brown rice, and felt like my insides were being ripped apart. Many spices cause an allergic reaction, especially the spices associated with sweet things, like cinnamon.

    I’m discouraged. I really do understand how to eat, but I can’t without severe repercussions. I’m diabetic, 5′ 1″ and weigh 245lbs. I eat very little junk food, and never drink pop.

    Is there any advice you can give me?
    Karen Evans

    • Karen: I have great news for you! You can be totally successful on this diet with just the foods you can eat. The following whole foods are wonderful on this diet: beans, canned fruits and veggies, whole wheat bread you make yourself, and barley. Dairy is not part of this diet, so you can drop that out, along with all meat and eggs and any processed foods you may be eating. To lose weight, use peanuts very sparingly, if at all. Beans and barley are both good for calories, and they are less calorie dense than whole wheat bread and so more conducive to weight loss, though whole wheat bread is also a good food.

      Do you think you could eat a diet with just the foods you mentioned above that you can tolerate? If so, you stand a good chance of losing the weight and reversing your diabetes. In fact, if you seriously embrace this diet, you need to be careful because your insulin levels will change so dramatically you may need to quickly adjust your medication. For a good WFPB on diabetes, see: Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes: The Scientifically Proven System for Reversing Diabetes without Drugs.

      What questions to you have? I will email this to you also!

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