Announcing “Discovering the Word of Wisdom: A Short Film”

DWW_Movie Poster

I’m very happy and excited to announce that the new Word of Wisdom video is now here! I hope you really enjoy it. I also hope you will share it with many other people. Let’s get this precious message out to everyone who may be interested!!

“Discovering the Word of Wisdom: A Short Film”

I mainly feature stories of Mormons eating a Word of Wisdom diet on this blog (and I need and WELCOME your story!), but I also write a weekly column on the Word of Wisdom for Meridian Magazine. If you have missed any of the articles, you can find the complete set here:

Meridian Magazine series by Jane Birch

Have a great week everybody!! I so appreciate your support.

Thank you!






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  1. Inspired by the Word of Wisdom and a few recent documentaries, we decided to go the month of September meat-free. Our family of 8 was slowly becoming vegetarian anyway and we don’t miss meat at all! We still have a lot of improvements to make, but focusing on vegetables, fruits and grains feels so good. We are excited to watch your film!

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