Whole Food, Plant-Based (WFPB) Recipes

By: Jane Birch

There are literally thousands of low-fat WFPB recipes online. You only need a half dozen to a dozen that you really like. Don’t get overwhelmed. Try a few here and there until you discover what you like!

WFPB Recipe Sites

Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen. Hundreds of well-organized recipes.

Forks Over Knives Recipes. Great recipes. Be sure to also sign up for the newsletter to get new recipes delivered via email.

Engine 2 Diet Recipes. Find more great recipes in Rip Esselstyn’s books.

Straight Up Food. Cathy is a great chef and a culinary instructor.

McDougall Free Program. This free program includes recipes to get you started: (see link to the “10-Day Meal Plan”)

McDougall Newsletter Recipes. This is a massive database of recipes, look for this link, along with other useful recipe collections.

The Cancer Project Recipe Index. Plenty of gems.

Center for Nutrition Studies

Naked Food Magazine. This is a WFPB magazine.

Protective Diet. Oil, Sugar, and Nut Free Recipes (requires free registration).

More WFPB Recipe Blogs

There are many more!

WFPB Cookbooks

See this list of 19 Healthy Vegan Cookbooks You Won’t Want to Go Without.

Here are some of the best pre-2014 cookbooks. (Amazon discontinued Listmainia in 2014, so I am not longer able to add to this list.)

Post-2014 Cookbooks:


WFPB Go-It-Yourself Step-by-step Guidebooks

Structured WFPB Food & Cooking Programs


Not Free — Support Group Programs (all ones I recommend)

  • Chef AJ Ultimate Weight Loss Program. Chef AJ is awesome. She uses solid whole food, plant-based principles to help you lose all your excess weight. (I’ve heard great reports from people who have participated.)
  • The Protective Diet (free registration for many recipes but if you pay for the program you get many more recipes and great support; it costs $100 to sign-up plus $29.97 monthly membership fee for unlimited access, you can cancel at anytime). People I know love this program.
  • Bright Line Eating. This is a very strict (and expensive) support group program geared to helping people with serious food addiction to break free. It is not strictly WFPB, but you can easily combine this program with the WFPB Guidelines (there is a version of Bright Line Eating that supports this). The four basic Bright Line rules are (1) no sugar; (2) no flour; (3) eat during meals and not in-between; and (4) measure and weigh all food.

Not Free — Other Resources and On-line Courses

Pre-Made Food Delivered to you

Live-in Center

  • True North is a place you can stay for a short period of time or an extended period of time for very reasonable prices. They are best known for water-fasting, but they provide a variety of other services as well to help a wide range of people get started on a whole food, plant-based way of life.

Locating Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants and Stores

  • Happy Cow (ask restaurants to cook with no oil)
  • VeganXpress (if this is your only option, find vegan, though often still not healthy, options at fast food restaurants)

More WFPB Food Resources

Last updated: January 3, 2018


  1. I am a “new” member, having been baptized and confirmed, October, 2014. That said, I am very overwhelmed with all the information from the Bible and the Book of Mormon. I understand the Words of wisdom, they make perfect sense. So I would ask that you send me e=mails that will help me to get to a better diet. My husband has not joined as a member and is quite the rib barbeque master after all we are from Texas. So my work is cut out for me.

  2. Hi Jane I just finished your book “Discovering the Word of Wisdom”. It truly inspired me. As a life long member it seems I have always heard the dont’s of the Word of Wisdom. In the last few years I have been working hard to eat healthier due to some “tummy” troubles. Going completely plant based makes sense. I know when I limit sugar, meat and dairy I feel better. I am so glad I read your book, I have ordered the China Study as well as the cookbook, so excited. It will take some work to get my family on board, but I will lead by example. Again thank you for inspiring _ Sherri Albrecht

  3. So I have just come across your online materials, and I haven’t read your book.
    Although it all sounds good and makes sense to me (we actually already have the items you mention around the house and use them on a regular basis), the only thing that made me stop and think is your urge against fat. I thought it has been cleared out that sugar is the enemy and not fat, like the right type of it, i.e. olive oil and the one from nuts and others.
    Our bodies need fat, researchers have recently commented on this, and our brain especially.
    Maybe you clarify some.

    • Hi Alice: Thanks for the interest and the great question! Yes, our bodies need fat, but we just need very little, so any extra is just calories most of us don’t need. Empty fat calories are like empty sugar calories: they are extra calories (which most of us don’t need) with no extra nutrients (which most of us do need). I’ve written more on this topic here, if you are interested: Healthy Fats & Vegetable Oils. I’m happy to answer any question you have and also learn from you!

    • Yay! I love libraries, and I love that all the information we need to be successful on a whole food, plant-based diet is free either at libraries or on the Internet. We don’t have to buy any special product or program. The Lord’s whole plant foods are inexpensive, and the wisdom we need is free for the taking!

  4. A friend told me about a “sauce” recipe she found on your website. I have been looking for days with no luck. I think she called it “Better than butter” recipe, made with Cashews. Can you help me. My husband and I are enjoying this new lifestyle change. We especially enjoyed reading your book, which lead us to Colin Campell’s book “Whole” and other resources. (I like to listen to Audio books and get them from my local library. I always have some educational book going in my car and bathroom.)
    Following the word of Wisdom makes sense.
    Thank you

    • Dear Lee:

      I only have two recipes on my site. I do have many links to other sites with lots of recipes, but I am afraid I have not heard of this one. Here is a collection of WFPB sauces that I do post on a Google Doc. You can check there: https://goo.gl/YpWKoE

      I wish you well! JANE

  5. I was so happy to come across your website!!! I am a fellow LDS plant-based woman who is very passionate about getting the word out and changing lives through healthy lifestyle choices. I live in the Kansas City area and take every chance I can to tell my story about how I healed my body from MS and high blood pressure with a whole food plant based diet.

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