Share Your Story

Each of us has a unique perspective, and we can help and bless each other by sharing our experiences. I value you and your story, and I hope you’ll be willing to share!

Share your Word of Wisdom conversion story

Here are a few questions to consider. Use the ones that seem relevant to your story:

  • What was your diet like before you changed it, and how was your health?
  • Were you searching for something? If so, what did you hope to find?
  • How were you introduced to this diet, and what motivated you to change?
  • What obstacles, doubts, or challenges did you encounter, and how did you overcome them?
  • How did the Word of Wisdom play a role in changing your diet?
  • What was it like adjusting your food and daily routines?
  • What impact has this diet had on your life and on the lives of people you know who have tried it?
  • What physical AND spiritual blessings have you experienced on this diet?
  • How has this experience impacted your understanding of the Word of Wisdom and your testimony of the gospel?

Focus on the storyline, and be sure to “make it real.” The benefits of the WFPB diet are wonderful enough that you don’t need to exaggerate them. Don’t forget to include something about the Word of Wisdom. If you have not considered how your diet has changed your understanding of the Word of Wisdom, I encourage you to study and pray about D&C 89 before submitting your story.

After I receive your story, I will work with you to help get your story ready to publish. It usually takes a few rounds of editing to get it ready to go, but I’m happy to do most of the work at this point! Don’t worry if you are not a writer. I will help with the editing and also make sure you are satisified.

Do I have to eat 100% whole food, plant-based diet to submit a story?

No. I believe tremendous blessings can come from living even part of a WFPB diet, and I welcome all stories. However, this site is focused on sharing stories of people who believe a WFPB diet is most desirable and are progressing toward 100%.

Also send your photo and bio

Along with your story (or later if you prefer), please send a photo (at least 80K) and a short bio (about 40-60 words). Check out the other bios in the stories I have posted for examples. Here is a rough format:

Sally Smith is 69 years old and lives in Provo, Utah. She and her husband have xx children and xx grandchildren. [share something about yourself, your background, what you (or you and your family) enjoy doing, or anything else you’d like to share about yourself].

Your bio can include things like the following:

  • City and state where you live
  • Age (if willing to share!)
  • Educational degree (if any)
  • Marital status and number of kids/grandkids
  • Occupation or how you spend your time (homemaker, etc.)
  • The things you or your family enjoy doing
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Another Way to Contribute: Share something about your Word of Wisdom journey

Here are other ways you could contribute:

  • A story of a challenge you’ve experienced and how you overcame it.
  • A story of learning to negotiate some feature of this diet: the food, other people or situations, routines, etc.
  • Advice you have for others, particularly those in similar situations (e.g.young mother with small children, married to someone who insists on eating SAD, a teenager, someone with a specific physical challenge, someone who hated vegetables, etc.)
  • Reflections on what you’ve learned
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Reflections on the Word of Wisdom

Generally, shorter posts are preferable (about 300-700 words), but your post should be as long as you need to tell your story. After I receive your contribution, I will work with you to get it ready to be published. This may include some editing, as needed, so that it effectively communicates your message. I will not publish anything I’ve edited without your express approval.