“I love eating this way. It makes life so simple.”

Perpetue RobertBy: Perpetue Robert Pardieu

All my life my legs and feet have felt really heavy, sometimes swollen, but I never knew why. I remember ten years ago I was praying and asking the Lord for help and He sent me to D&C 89. At that time I learned that meat was to be eaten sparingly, during winter and famine. It was summer, and it was difficult, so I did not follow it. So, I remained with my swollen feet.

In January 2012, I was hit by a car and my kneecap, tibia and femur broke. I had three surgeries and still was having inflammation even though I was taking anti-inflammatory medication. I hit my head during the accident, and I was having panic attacks and anxiety. I felt depressed and overwhelmed often. So, I started doing research because I did not want to be taking pills and become dependent. This is how I heard about alkaline and acid food. I started researching and changed my diet by eating more alkaline, non-hybrid foods. But I got so anxious about everything I was eating that I could not sleep. So, I went to the Lord with that and felt that that kind of anxious spirit doesn’t come from him.

By researching on the Internet, I discovered Jane Birch and the Word of Wisdom diet she writes about. When I read this, I remembered that ten years earlier the Lord had sent me to D&C 89. I automatically knew that what she was saying was a confirmation of what the Lord had told me ten years ago. I stopped eating meat, dairy, eggs, sugar, and most processed food. I now eat extremely little fish and use only a tiny bit of olive or coconut oil once in awhile. Now, the spirit I feel is one of peace instead of being anxious or stressed about food.

Perpetue Robert on back with weights

With the help of the Lord and some herbal tea that detoxed my body, I was able to stop the cravings. My inflammation decreased tremendously. My knee is almost pain free. I have a lot of energy when I go to the gym, and my trainer cannot believe that I do not eat meat because for her it is a must for protein. For sure, I have more control over the anxiety from my accident. The weight loss came without noticing it. I went from 178 lbs to 145 lbs in about a year.

I find that I am becoming more and more sensitive to the Spirit. I immediately know when I am eating something that my body doesn’t agree with. The hardest part for me is white rice and bread because I still use them at home. When I eat refined and processed food, my legs feel heavy and my feet swell.

Perpetue Robert weights over headBefore I thought that the Word of Wisdom was just not using tobacco, drugs, green tea, and alcohol. Now I see that it is more than that. In fact, He gave us a guide so that our physical body can thrive when there is so much disease around. I asked Him about it, and He told me that it is a personal choice. Eating meat, processed food, and dairy doesn’t make us unworthy, but if you do not feel good in your body, you cannot focus on the celestial matter and give the best you are capable of giving in the building of the kingdom. My husband is trying a no meat challenge for two weeks. Hopefully he will gain a testimony of this way of eating.

I love eating this way. It makes life so simple. There is no grease, and you do not feel heavy. I have so much energy. I don’t know if this way of eating has been why I feel closer to the Lord, but the spirit is different. I feel my mind is clearer, and the way I see everything is different. I have an added love for nature, animals, and people, and my capacity to show love has increased. I can’t say that all of this is because I changed my eating. It could be also because of my desire to follow His counsels. It does make a difference.

Perpetue Robert Pardieu is 41 years old. She is originally from Haiti but now lives in L’Assomption Québec, Canada. She studied Food Processing and is a Registered Nurse. She is married  with three boys, ages 13, 11, and 8. She loves to read the scriptures, and she is an online seminary teacher.

Some favorite dishes:

Sting beans, mushroom, onion, Jamaican hot

Sting beans, mushroom, onion, Jamaican hot

Rice with curry and cumin

Rice with curry and cumin

Homemade spelt bread with avocado, wartercress

Homemade spelt bread with avocado, wartercress, chickpeas

Frozen banana, raspberries, sea moss, maple syrup

Frozen banana, raspberries, sea moss, maple syrup



  1. Getting to know Perpetue has been such a joy for me. She radiates light and love. I know the Lord preserved her life for an important purpose. She has yet a great work to do. Thank you for sharing your precious story with us!

    • It is amazing to me how I can relate to all these testimonies of all who are trying to bring themselves into closer alignment with the Lord’s law of health…but it shouldn’t be…the universality of the comments proves this is the Lord’s truth…living according to the precepts given by the Lord through prophets, ancient and modern, prepares us: minds, bodies and spirits to be the people (peculiar) the Lord has created us to be…empowering His work to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. Happy Mothers Day to all💜

  2. This is a wonderful story! What a testimony builder of living this way! Perpetue, would you mind sharing the recipes for your favorite dishes? They look delicious! Thank you in advance! ~Yvette

  3. Perpetue, My dear wife’s (Melva) just younger than her, brother, Curtis Giles was the first mission president in Haiti which is where you were evidently born and raised. Sometime after he was released as mission president in Haiti, he and his wife, Eileen served another mission in Quebec, Canada, if I recall correctly.
    They then begin living in their home which is fairly close to where both Curtis and my wife, Melva grew up.

    About a year ago, they were called on their third full-time mission together. This time they were called to serve in London, England. After having served there about a half of a year, he died suddenly of a heart attack. At the funeral services for Curtis which were held not far from their home here in Northern Utah, we were privileged to meet a number of men who were each born and raised in Haiti and had served full-time missions under the direction of my dear brother-in-law, Curtis. We enjoyed talking with them and we appreciated the great love they showed for their former mission president by travelling so far to attend his funeral.

    His dear widow, Eileen, is living in their home which is situated in Wasatch County which is North of the Salt Lake Valley where Curtis’ sister, Melva and I live.

    I was very touched by what you wrote and then was published by my eldest child of nine total children, Jane Birch. May the Lord continue to bless you!

  4. I have a question for Jane or anyone’s memory that is better than mine. Jane cites a web site in her book where there ten thousand vegan receipes. I was having a discussion tonight and could not remeber the site. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Leo Clear

  5. Thank you for your story. Every week I look forward to these installments.

    I too love the simplicity and lack of grease eating this way. More and more we are content with simply foods. Less and less do the images of psuedo foods tease our old addictions. I feel so free and grateful for being led to the full truth of the Word of Wisdom.

  6. The more we get closer to the Lord the more he opens our eyes and increases his blessings and Wisdom on us. Your life through that critical car accident is a great testamony. One of the attitudes that I admire in you is your determination to get closer to God no matter the circunstances. Those who have the opportunity to know you should notice that. Thanks for sharing your testamony!


  7. Merci pour votre histoire, Perpétue.

    Je suis Québécoise mais je demeure au Nouveau-Mexique, aux Etats-Unis.

    J’ai moi aussi découvert le merveilleux livre de Jane Birch et j’ai changé mon alimentation. Ca ne fait que quelques mois et j’ai déjà perdu quatorze livres et je me sens beaucoup mieux.

    Merci pour votre témoignage.

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