“Some days I feel so good, I can’t believe how good I feel”

pattsy-dayleyBy: Pattsy Dayley

I am originally from Oklahoma and am now 77 years old. I grew up eating lots of fried food. We had biscuits made from white flour and gravy. The gravy was made using bacon fat, lard or sausage or hamburger. Whatever we had, mom would fix. We ate plenty of beans and cornbread, but she added lots of bacon fat, ham, or fatback. Whatever little meat we had, she added it. Mom grew a garden and cooked with lots of vegetables, but they were heavy laden with fat. We used canned milk to make gravy. As we had babies, we used it for baby formula.

As a child I had lots of croup and tonsillitis, and my legs hurt all the time. My mom would rub them to give me some relief. She gave me cod liver oil to help my bones and then when we had sore throat, she would swab our throats with Merthiolate. For croup, she gave us a spoonful of sugar with two drops of kerosene added to it. It worked so I was able to breathe.

I had low energy levels even as a child. In my early 20s, I had some lumps removed from both breasts and under each arm. Thankfully, they were benign. At 25 I had a tonsillectomy, at 32 a hysterectomy. In my 40’s, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. My asthma came back about the same time. In my 50’s, I had my gallbladder removed. All this time I was still suffering with leg pain and then I was diagnosed with nerve problems; the doctor called it Morton’s neuroma. He wanted to remove the nerve. I refused. By this age I was tired of being cut on.

I tried being a vegetarian, and it helped. I felt better. With my family not doing the same diet, I went back to SAD (Standard American Diet). I also went back to lots of pain. The past two years I spent a lot of time in bed. I wasn’t able to walk far and had horrible stomach pains. The doctor prescribed Omeprazole generic stomach medicine. It didn’t help at all. I changed doctors. He thought I was gluten intolerant. I tried the gluten-free diet, and it helped the swelling in my stomach, but I still had horrible pain.

In August of 2015 I ended up in the emergency room throwing up from the horrendous pain. They did a CAT scan and found kidney stones. They gave me pain medication, and I was able to pass the stone. In December I ended up in the hospital emergency room again. This time the kidney stone was too large to pass. I had it blasted, and it broke up. I passed lots of mud, little stones and so far they haven’t come back.

In January of 2016, my fibromyalgia and asthma came back really strong. The pain was unbearable. I decided to go back to a vegan diet no matter what my husband or anyone else said. I had studied the Word of Wisdom for years. I wanted to eat that way, but I was allergic to wheat and all I could think was, “If wheat is for man than why am I allergic to it?” I was reading an article Jane Birch wrote, and she said that it would please Heavenly Father if we would eat animals only if we had nothing else. I wanted to please him. I started that day, March 1st 2016.

It has now been over 6 months. I no longer take any medicines except my inhaler for my asthma. My fibromyalgia is 99% better. The nerve pain in my feet is gone. The shoulder pain from torn rotator cuffs is gone. My blood pressure which use to be 199/89, went as low as 136/62. Some days I feel so good, I can’t believe how good I feel. I have a bad day now and then, but it is minor. I figure everything will heal. It just takes longer than a day to heal everything.

I am thankful for each of your stories on Discovering the Word of Wisdom. They keep me going. I am thankful Father in Heaven gave us the 89th section of the Doctrine and Covenants. I’m thankful for Jane. I’m thankful for now having a lot less suffering and for being able to go and do things.

When my asthma heals completely, I told my husband he IS going to start this way of eating.

Pattsy Dayley (77) lives in St. George, Utah (where they moved last February because her health had gotten so bad she needed the cleaner air). She and her husband were married on Christmas Eve 53 years ago. They have 5 children, 20 grandchildren, and 30 great-grand children—with more on the way. They have served several missions. Pattsy was the first member of the Church in her family. She loves doing family history research. She also loves to cook, read, watercolor, and watch good movies. She plays organ and piano and has played for Church about 51 years.



  1. I love knowing that it is never too late to change and find health, freedom, and joy! Pattsy is a great example to the rest of us. She simply stopped using all her excuses that were keeping her from peace. Thanks for sharing your story, Pattsy!

  2. I have two friends that have mystery illnesses that are similar to fibromyalgia. I’ve mentioned to them briefly that trying a wWFPB diet would help them but they aren’t interested. I will show them your story. Congratulations on finding the answers to your health problems

  3. Wow! We could almost be the same person except I discovered the plant only diet a couple decades before you. I’m 51 and have been eating this way for a few years now. Isn’t it wonderful! God is so good to teach us if we will only listen.

    • Ginger, I am so glad you found this at a younger age than I.

      I’ve known it for years I just didn’t grasp it. I still have a ways to go. My asthma is chronic and not easily taken care of. I had another attack last night. I think I have something else the Lord wants me to learn.

      Don’t let anyone sway you like I did. Pattsy

  4. My hearty congratulations to you Pattsy! You have had enough pain and suffering. It is true that nothing tastes as good and feeling good. Six months of health and healing is certainly something to celebrate. I am so so happy for you.

  5. Congratulations Pattsy. How wonderful it is to know that there is a plan of divine origin to keep us well. I shared Jane’s book with a friend at church and the next Sunday he told me “it was life changing.” His grandmother had to have a leg amputated because of diabetes. As an adult he has been fearful that trait might run in his family. He is happy to have had a chance to read the book, and we have talked about buying some for Christmas gifts.

  6. Patsy! We still miss you in River Cove, but I am so happy you’re doing so well in such a relatively short time. I have been exclusively WFPB for over a year now. Robert is slowly leaving his SAD way of eating. It’s a process. But I have never felt better! I think my example of living the Word of Wisdom speaks volumes. Congratulations on getting your health back!.

    • Hi Judy. We are neighbors sort of again. We live in Country Meadows South. Down the street across from the episcopal church.

      I am glad you found this web site. It’s good to know that someone I know is actually living this way too.

      Jack and Robert will eventually come around. We have to be the example.

  7. Patsy, I’m just seven years older than you. I was just eighty years of age when my dear daughter, Jane drove up from Provo, where she lives, to Murray, Utah where my wife, Melva and I live, and spent about three or four hours teaching me how the Lord wants us to eat. You most likely have read my story which starts on page 146 of Jane’s book.

    I am now eighty four years of age and I, like you, have really been enjoying my health which is so very much better now than it was when Jane began teaching me how the Lord wants each of us here on earth to eat. I only see my doctor when I go in for the annual visit he requires of each of his patients. I believe I even look younger than what most men and women look like who are my age. My doctor never has to treat me any more for any kind of illnesses or advise me how to eat. Jane and the Lord took care of doing that four years ago!

    Before I began eating in accordance with Section 89 of the the Doctrine and Covenants, I suffered and was treated for a number of very serious medical problems, and was even hospitalized several times. I actually never get sick in any way now. I don’t even have colds or headaches! I exercise vigorously on a challenging to use, machine, six days of each week at our city’s Recreation Center.

    It is hard for most people to believe that eating the way the Lord instructs us to eat in Section 89 of the Doctrine and Covenants helps each of us to become very healthy, but I, just like you, am fully converted to eating the way He teaches us to eat! In case you don’t remember reading what I wrote about how eating in accordance with what the Lord tells us about eating has blessed me, you can find my story on page s 146 and 147 of her book, “Discovering the Word of Wisdom.” May the Lord continue to bless you and all of the rest of you who may be reading this, with the much better health that many of you and I, have now have since we began eating the way we are told by Him to eat in verses 10 through 21 of Section 89.

    • Hi J Neil Birch. I have read your story several times. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us. I look up to you as an example of what I can do. I will never go back to the SAD again.

      I am beginning to love my food and am making my own recipe book for the recipes I find and change to the way I like them.

      Jane’s book is a blessing to me as she has been also. Thank God for her!!! Pattsy

        • Hi Kate.

          I will share someday. The written ones.

          I love Miyoko Schriner” videos on you tube She has a book out I use a lot it’s called “The Vegan Pantry”. Watch her on you tube and see if you like her recipes. She teaches how to make everyday foods like, bouillon, Mac and cheese, fermented cheese and sugar free jam. Everything I’ve tried is very good.

          I also like the minalist baker.

  8. Pattsy, Thanks for your response to what I wrote to you. I appreciate very much your positive attitude about eating the Word of Wisdom Way. I wish and pray for your continued success in eating the way the Lord advises us to eat in Section 89 of the D. & Covenants, and your fully recognizing that the S.A.D. is bad for each of us. You are a good example!

  9. Pattsy, keep fighting the good fight. May I ask, as you stated you were allergic to wheat, if you are eating other grains to sustain you, or do you need to steer clear of all wheat-based foods?

    • Hi Lilibet,

      I eat rice, brown and white, cornmeal, millet, tapioca flour, oats. I still eat wheat. I know I shouldn’t as I only lose weight if I eat no grains. I try to only eat wheat one or two times a week. I’m also allergic to tomatoes. I just cut way down.


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