“I would never trade this peace for anything”

Brittney MooreBy: Brittney Moore

As long as I can remember, I have been interested in health and fitness. I remember doing aerobic videos in my living room when I was 12 years old. I got my degree at BYU in Health Promotion so I’ve always considered myself a healthy eater and regular exerciser. Health is a topic that I am fascinated with, and I continue to spend many hours reading the latest research, especially as it applies to the Word of Wisdom.

Most of the stories on the Discovering the Word of Wisdom site so far are about the physical changes that happen from following the Word of Wisdom. My story is more about the mental and emotional changes that have happened to me.

I started dieting after my first child was born in 1998. I’ve never been particularly heavy, but I always wanted to lose the last ten pounds, so I would follow whatever diet I found. Low carb, low fat, low calorie, I did them all. They all gave quick results, but then I’d start putting the pounds on again when I stopped following the diet perfectly. I felt like I was always trying to walk up a slippery slope, and I could never get to the top. The bathroom scale started ruling my life, and if I gained a pound or two, I would feel like a failure and start looking for a new diet that I could stick with. I felt like I couldn’t trust myself around food. I felt like my happiness each day depended on the number on the scale in the morning. I felt out of control and hopeless.

During this time I was an avid Crossfitter and was pressured to follow the Paleo diet, which is eating lots of meat, but no grains or potatoes or beans. I knew many LDS people who were eating this way, and I questioned them about following the Word of Wisdom. Most people just shrugged off my question or said they felt they were following the Word of Wisdom since they didn’t smoke or drink. I decided to try it for a month. I felt awful. I had no energy and wanted to lay down all day. I also had huge cravings for cookies, cakes, donuts and anything sweet because I wasn’t getting enough carbohydrates. By this time I had six children and didn’t have the energy to get through the day. This was a huge testimony to me that the Word of Wisdom is true. I would not give up my grains, potatoes and beans, because obviously they helped me “run and not be weary, and walk and not faint.”

I prayed hundreds of times to know how to eat and not gain weight. I always thought that Heavenly Father must have a way for us to eat enough to feel full but not get fat. I was eating according to the Word of Wisdom but also ate chocolate, cookies, cakes, and oil and butter.

Then in 2011 I came across an article written by Dr. John McDougall about how eating starches can help you stay thin and how good carbohydrates are rarely turned into fat. He challenged us to include large quantities of rice, corn, potatoes, beans, and bread into our daily diet. He also said to eat as much as we wanted. I thought, “Finally something that supports the Word of Wisdom and lets you eat until you are full.” From that moment on I have felt like I had been guided by the Spirit to find that article.

I now follow a whole foods plant based diet with no oils or added sugars and the best part is that it has freed me from dieting because I can eat as much as I want and not gain weight. I don’t worry about the number on the scale because when I eat like this I am at the perfect weight for my body. I had my seventh child four months ago, and I’m already thinner than I was before I got pregnant. I also feel happier and more confident. I would never trade this peace for anything.

When I was trying to avoid carbs and diet to lose weight, I was constantly thinking about what my next meal would be. I always had an internal battle raging inside me between giving in to my cravings for junk food, or sticking to my current diet and “being good.” I felt out of control because I knew that if I had one cookie, I wouldn’t be able to stop, and I would feel bad about myself later.

I have since learned that when I eat until I’m full on the whole food, plant-based diet, the internal battle is gone because I have satisfied my body’s need for nutritious food. I don’t obsess about what I will, or will not eat because I already know. I have so much more emotional energy to spend on others things now. The Word of Wisdom has blessed me emotionally and mentally and has helped me achieve peace with food. I wish I could shout it on the rooftops about how wonderful this has been. Heavenly Father answered my prayers and cares about what I eat.

Brittney Moore is 42 years old and lives in St. George, Utah. She and her husband both served missions in Argentina, and they now have 7 children.  She loves being outside and running on trails through the red rocks of Southern Utah.


  1. One startling fact I’ve learned through promoting the Word of Wisdom is that most people, even those who are not obviously overweight, are battling with their weight. For most of us, it simply is not possible to eat the Standard American Diet and be at peace with our food and our weight. It is only when we eat the foods the Lord ordained that we can find peace. I’m so thrilled Brittany has found this peace and is willing to share her story with the world. Thanks for your generosity, Brittney!

  2. Brittney, I’m really glad you decided to eat the foods the Lord ordained for each of us, His children to eat!

    I wrote that because You indicated to us in that which you submitted to Jane above, “was a huge testimony to me and “that the Word of Wisdom is true. I would not give up my grains, potatoes and beans, because obviously they helped me “run and not be weary, and walk and not faint.”

  3. Thanks for your story. I too feel incredible, spiritual peace, eating according to the light and knowledge found in the Word of Wisdom. God just wants us to be happy.

  4. Thank you for sharing your insights, and I say ditto to all the remarks: I believe the Lord wants us to be happy in all aspects of our life and we can achieve that peace as we bring our will into closer alignment with His. Yes the Word of Wisdom is about the spiritual, emotional and physical; as are we. Living the Word of Wisdom to the best of our understanding and ability, blesses every fiber of our beings.

    I served in the temple today, and I shared my testimony about Discovering the Word of Wisdom with several of my co workers…both the book by that name and my own personal journey discovering the Word of Wisdom. Thank you to everyone on this journey willing to share personal experiences.

    I had my teeth cleaned this past week and my hygienist commented that my teeth were cleaner than usual (I am a very consistent brusher, flosser and use a water pik twice a day). She asked what I was doing differently, and I told about her my progression to eating Vegan: WFPB for the last 3-4months. She knew I had already eliminated almost all processed foods and dairy about 4 years ago, so she was surprised to see a significant change in plaque build up…lack of placque…so possibly there is some correlation between WFPB WOW and improved oral hygeine?

    • Thank you so much for sharing this. I am very interested in the plaque (that probably means the plaque inside our bodies, lining our arteries as well), and natural health of our teeth!

  5. Thank you for your story. I battle with my weight much the same way. Unfortunately, I’ve still give into those cravings sometimes and then always beat myself up about it. I need a better support/accountability person.

  6. Congratulations Brittney! Thanks for sharing your story. I’m so glad you’ve found this peace. I can relate as your story about weight sounds almost identical to mine. What a joy to no longer have the food/scale battle raging in me daily. Isn’t is awesome to eat tons of carbs and lose weight!?! Simply amazing, satisfying and a blessing from God that I wish I would have caught onto so long ago! Keep sharing and congratulations on your family.

  7. Well, the title of this article could have been my own. Finally peace. I am humbled and amazed at this miracle in my own life. Thank you Brittney and all who have made comments. It is such a blessing to have confidence about my food choices and experience the miracle of submitting to His will and reaping the complete happiness through obedience.

    • Thank you for sharing your story I can relate to this story ever since I can remember , I have been feeling very guilty to eat carbs because they were labelled as fattening food. I am so relieved to eat without guilt and eat until I am full .
      I am amazed at the strength that my body has as I am no longer eating fast food ,at one point in my life I could finish a pocket of chips and a slab of chocolate in 5 minutes . I do not even crave that stuff anymore . I have known about the Word of Wisdom for almost 23 years and it is only now that I am keeping or living the law and yes I can run and be not weary .

      Edith Bongi Ndlela

  8. Wonderful story Brittney. So inspiring and so true. I can relate to all of what you shared and Jane’s follow up comment is so true that even those that don’t have a weight problem still struggle with weight when eating a S.A.D.. The whole food plant based diet is the only way to eat and feel perfectly at peace with regards to our weight and mental well being. The Spirit seems to have no restrictions in reaching every fiber of our being when we truly understand and act upon eating according to the Lord’s law of health. This is so incredible to have this website as such a support group. Thank you so much Jane and all who share.
    Christina McIntyre

  9. I taught Brittney when she was 12 and have always seen a desire in her to better herself and be a good example to those around her. She has always been beautiful inside and out! Now it’s my turn to learn from her.
    Thank you for writing this article, the timing is perfect!
    Love ya,

    • Thanks Jodi! I’m so lucky to have you as a friend. I always felt like you have supported me throughout my life and I appreciate you! Let me know if I can help you in your journey for health.

  10. Yay YOU Britt… Super excited to read your testimony regarding the Word Of Wisdom . Sure do love you 💓

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