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“Discovering the Word of Wisdom: A Short Film”

DWW_Movie PosterI’m happy and excited to announce that the new Word of Wisdom video is now here! I hope you really enjoy it. I also hope you will share it with many other people. Let’s get this precious message out to everyone who may be interested! Watch it here: “Discovering the Word of Wisdom: A Short Film”

On this blog, I feature stories of Mormons eating a Word of Wisdom diet. Please consider sharing your story!

I also write a weekly column on the Word of Wisdom for Meridian Magazine. You can find the complete set here: Meridian Magazine series by Jane Birch

“Discovering the Word of Wisdom” Video & Extras

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Captions are available in English, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. After starting the video (1) click on Settings (wheel-shaped) icon; (2) click Subtitles/CC and choose the correct language.

Video Extras

The Johnsons’ Story: Paul and Orva

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