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Duffy’s WFPB Journey — April 2014

scale upside downIts May 3rd and I’m just now getting to writing this blog post. I suppose if I told you my computer crashed, it might garner some empathy. But the honest side of me would have to admit it crashed last night… May 2, two days after I should’ve had this essay done and ready to post.

So lets talk about April. I’ve stayed 100% Whole Food Plant Based for 4 months, 1 week and 2 ¾ days. In other words, now just over 1/3 of the year! My coworkers have gone from asking me if I was still doing my New Year’s Resolution to exclaiming in surprise “You’re still doing that? Wow!” I think the best thing about this is the confidence I am gaining in myself. In the past, I haven’t always kept promises to myself, especially when they revolved around food and exercise.

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Duffy’s WFPB Journey — March 2014

Yellow PotatoesLittle Wins

Along the way to achieving my ultimate weight loss and health goals, it’s important to celebrate the little wins….

  • My pants are looser. I noticed the change in my shirts last month, and this month my pants have felt looser and even started to ride a little lower so that I continuously have to pull them up and re-tuck in my undershirt.
  • I can reach the gas cap lever in my car! It was getting pretty dicey for a while there. It is located on the floor between the pedals and driver’s seat, and when I was at my largest weight, I’d have to hold my breath and lunge for it. Now I can reach down easily and without pain.
  • I’ve stayed 100% WFPB for ¼ of the year already!
  • A coworker noticed that I’ve been losing weight.
  • I reached and surpassed my first 50lb milestone; my visiting teachers took progress pictures.
  • I came home from an appointment last Saturday having put some potatoes in my countertop convection oven and then forgotten about them. My first thought as I opened the door was “Mmm, smells like brownies.” A few minutes later when I cut into one of the still-warm potatoes I thought, “This smells delicious!” Although I never before liked potatoes any way other than mashed with butter, I may be on my way to becoming a potato lover.

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Duffy’s WFPB Journey — February 2014

elephant_swimDear Reader,

Today is my 67th day eating of 100% Whole-Food Plant Based, Word of Wisdom diet. My official weigh-in day is Sunday, tomorrow, but unofficially, I sneak a peak at the scale once or twice more during the week. So unofficially, I can tell you that I’m down 44 lbs. (This includes the weight I loss doing less than 100% WFPB October-December.)

These two facts are significant because I have never before stayed on a diet longer than 3 weeks, and I have never before lost more than 28 lbs on a diet.

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Duffy’s WFPB Journey — January 2014

40-daysBy: Duffy

How does one open a blog post when they have accomplished the thing that was expected of them but that they didn’t know if they could do yet hoped to do and ultimately did do despite the initial white-knuckle, hanging-on-by-a-prayer doing of it? How about this….
40 days of 100% WFPB eating:

Duffy’s WFPB New Year’s Resolution

PossibleNote from Jane: One of the blessings of working on the book has been the opportunity to get to know many amazing people. The following post is the first of what will be many posts by my friend “Duffy.” After Duffy learned about whole food, plant-based eating in 2010, she flirted with the diet for about three years, making progress, but never quite making a total commitment. In this first post (first published on her own blog), she describes her goal for the new year. I applaud her for making her goal public and committing to report on her progress each month throughout this year. I found this post deeply moving. I believe many others will relate to Duffy’s experience and will be blessed by what she has to share. Read More→