Duffy’s WFPB Journey — August 2014

Duffy-carrotsNote from Jane: This is the latest in a monthly series by Duffy, who went whole food, plant-based late in 2013 with the goal of losing over 200+ pounds. To see previous posts, choose Duffy Chronicles from the Stories menu.

Today I am thankful for the Word of Wisdom and the freedom it gives me to eat the good things of the earth that the Lord has provided. In the past I tried to force myself to eat certain amounts of animal protein that I didn’t like, restricted carbohydrates, and weighed and measured portions all to no avail. My body feels good when I eat according to the Word of Wisdom.

Two non-scale victories this month include:

1. I stopped eating sugar in my morning oatmeal. Since I started putting a combination of frozen blueberries, strawberries and banana in, I noticed that I no longer need any sugar for sweetness.

2. I am enjoying my steamed vegetables. I’ve been making my lunches out of 3 bubble and squeak patties (see recipe), 2 cups of steamed vegetables, and a plant-based cheesy sauce, most recently using this one: Smoked Paprika Vegan Cheese. While I’m not quite craving vegetables, it is no hardship to eat them. They even taste subtly sweet to me. Yum!

Below are a few pics from this month.

Love and blessings,


Duffy-mixed veggies Duffy-oatmeal with fruit








Duffy-veggies on rice Duffy-veggies with cheese

















Duffy-package of green beans



  1. Hi Duffy

    My breakfast is oatmeal with some raisins, strawberries, banana, blueberries and some fresh grapes added in. It is really good.

    Roy Barnes

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