WoW Moment – WFPB Relief Society Dinner

Debbie Christofferson

Debbie Christofferson

My good friend Debbie Christofferson, shared the following story with me yesterday. I’d like to feature short experiences like this as “Word of Wisdom Moments.” Please consider sharing your own WoW Moment!

“I had the greatest experience last night. I was asked to be in charge of our ward Relief Society birthday dinner. At first it was difficult because everyone wanted to serve foods that I don’t eat. I was willing to go along, but then after much thought and prayer, I decided the reason I was asked to be in charge was because I needed to make the meal a whole food, plant-based experience for everyone. I got my committee to agree on the menu by first serving the meal to them in my home. They loved it! Last night, we served an amazing dinner to our sisters. It was a huge success. And the best part is – one of the sisters on the committee is now eating whole food, plant-based because of the experience of being on the committee. She read Discovering the Word of Wisdom after a discussion we had, and she and her husband are fully committed. How exciting is that?! I am so grateful for Jane’s book and the difference it is making in so many peoples’ lives!”

Debbie Christofferson’s story of her conversion to WFPB eating is featured at the end of Chapter 2 in Discovering the Word of Wisdom. Debbie is both a Registered Dietician and an amazing cook. She was kind enough to share all the recipes with us!

Click here to view the Recipe PDF.


  1. That is wonderful news! What was the menu? I’m taking ensalada de repollo or Mexican cabbage salad to a RS dinner in 2 weeks. We’re supposed to take something from our heritage. Although I was born in Phoenix AZ (as was my mother and grandfather, I’m not Latina…although I was once labeled an honorary Mexican. If the ladies don’t like it, at least there will be something I can eat there.

  2. Thank you for sharing what you did above. If I’m ever in a position to do that, which I probably never will be because I’m a man and am not in a ward leadership position, I’d want to do just what you did! I am so grateful that my daughter Jane taught me just about two years ago how to eat in the Lord’s Word of Wisdom way! Neil Birch

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