“The importance of diet is so fundamental to human survival and success that many of the world’s religions have strongly encouraged their followers to eat a near vegan diet. Dr. Jane Birch has made an important contribution by retelling the truths about nutrition found in the Word of Wisdom in modern day language relevant to the reader.”
— John A. McDougall, MD, author and founder of the McDougall Program

“Jane Birch has written a much needed study of the broad implications of the Word of Wisdom for today. It will change the way you think and, more importantly, the way you consume. It gives new reason to believe in the inspiration of the prophet Joseph Smith.”
— George Handley, PhD; Professor of Comparative Arts and Letters, Brigham Young University

“I am thrilled to see a book so thoughtfully put together that finally connects the dots between the Word of Wisdom, a plant-based diet, and our health. In Discovering the Word of Wisdom, Jane puts forth a compelling argument that following the Word of Wisdom delivers blessings to all who will follow its precepts. She convincingly demonstrates why plants ought to be the mainstay of our diets—for our health, for our spirits, and for our planet. This is a must-read for anyone interested in improving their life through simple, yet effective and proven dietary and lifestyle changes.”
— Janae Wise, mother of 5, writer & founder of bring-joy.com

“There is so much confusion in the world today about what constitutes a healthy diet. As Latter-day Saints, we have a most valuable tool in the Word of Wisdom to help guide our dietary choices for optimal health, yet we succumb to the same chronic diseases as the rest of the civilized world. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to fully realize all the promised blessings found in the Word of Wisdom.”
— Debra Christofferson, Registered Dietician; Research Professor of Nutrition, Utah State University

“Jane Birch’s Discovering the Word of Wisdom combines scholarly research, personal stories, and gospel insights to create one of the most personally motivating books you will ever read about health. Her tone is positive and enlightening, and her work demonstrates the power of the Word of Wisdom to heal us, physically and spiritually.”
— Christopher Foster, PhD; Professor of Philosophy; Founder of Mormons for Animals

“Dr. Birch is a brilliant scholar whose modern insights to classic scripture highlight the dangers of our modern food culture in a way that even the most dedicated and determined carnivore can appreciate. Her book tops my list of ‘Things I wish I had known ten years ago.’”
— Cynthia Wong, EdD; Assistant Clinical Professor, Brigham Young University

“When I eat the way Jane suggests, I feel better. What greater evidence could there be?”
— Laura C. Bridgewater, PhD; Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Biology, Brigham Young University

“Through exuberant prose, Jane Birch carries us into the Eden possible through Word of Wisdom observance. Her book persuades the reader to reconsider lifetime habits of self-destruction and to replace them with habits of being in alignment with our divine nature.”
— Dorothy A. Solomon, Dixie State University, author

“Jane Birch provides us with a much-needed reexamination of the Word of Wisdom in light of recent scientific research and continuing revelation. This is a fascinating study of how the Word of Wisdom has been interpreted over time and what meaning and value it has in a modern world of complex food choices. The reader is rewarded with fresh insights and much food for thought. This book provides a practical roadmap for using the Word of Wisdom to live a healthier, more productive, and spiritually fulfilling life.”
— J. Michael Hunter, Mormon Studies Librarian, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University

Discovering the Word of Wisdom captivated me! I feel energized by the possibilities of this healthy lifestyle. I’m confident all who read this book will learn something new. Want to feel better? Eat better! But watch out, Jane’s enthusiasm for eating a plant-based diet is catching.”
— Barbara M. Smith, Professor of Counseling Psychology and Special Education, Brigham Young University

“I have greatly appreciated reading this book by Jane Birch and the perspective she brings to the Word of Wisdom. . . . the closer we stick to the full perspective of D&C89, the better we will feel physically and spiritually.”
— Tim W. McGaughy, MD, PhD

“Hands down the best book I have ever read on the Word of Wisdom. It took me years and years of searching and seeking to find the information this ONE book so eloquently offers. You will feel enlightened, inspired, and have a deeper conviction toward better health from almost the moment you begin reading. In a world sinking deeper into confusion about health and nutrition, Jane offers the reader a source of utter clarity.”
— Charity Lighten, Food for Life cooking instructor for The Cancer Project; co-founder, wholefoodmommies.com

“When I follow a whole food, plant-based diet I feel better—when I don’t, I feel worse. It’s that simple. Try it for yourself. As stated in Alma 32:27, ‘awake and arouse your faculties, even to an experiment upon my words,’ and see how it affects your health.”
— Paul Caldarella, PhD; Associate Professor and Licensed Psychologist, Brigham Young University

“Jane asks many questions in her excellent book—‘In a world of such confusion regarding healthful eating, who can we trust? Why are we as LDS not a healthier people?’ With every question, she goes back to the Word of Wisdom for clarity, and offers fascinating historical and contemporary insights to help further elucidate this amazing revelation as she outlines the ideal diet for all of us. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It is a must-read for anyone concerned about health—and even more so for anyone not concerned about health.”
— Mavis Parkinson, MA, Theatre, Brigham Young University; Board of Governors, Utah Shakespeare Festival

“Jane’s answer to a question she did not ask regarding a heart-attack proof diet should be a wake-up call for everyone consuming a typical American diet.”
— Meldon K. Larson, MPA; Certified Internal Auditor, Brigham Young University

“Through careful research of the scientific literature and statements of past and present prophets, Jane Birch brings a unique perspective on a subject that is critically important in our time of increasing health challenges. She links the Word of Wisdom to the well-known work of such pillars of plant-based nutrition as Drs. Colin Campbell, Joel Fuhrman, John McDougall, and Caldwell Esselstyn, and demonstrates that the Word of Wisdom was, indeed, revealed for our day. Any serious scholar of nutrition and the Word of Wisdom must read Jane’s seminal work.”
— Julene Humes, Waldorf Early Child Educator; Director, Abella Cottage School

Discovering the Word of Wisdom issues a provocative and personal invitation, built on scripture and science, to a healthier life.”
— David H. Moore, JD; Professor of Law, Brigham Young University

“Dr. Jane Birch spoke to my sensibilities—indeed, to both my heart and mind—as never before in her book. As a decades-long member of the LDS Church, I supposed I understood the Word of Wisdom about as well as anyone. Yet the notion of the term ‘sparingly’ in reference to our use of animals came into clearer focus, thanks in part to Hugh Nibley’s stunning interpretation, and in part to Jane’s soul-provoking observation that ‘ceasing enmity toward animals will lead to a greater depth of spirituality, sensitivity, and charity in the hearts of the Latter-day Saints and help prepare the earth for the Millennium.’ I do not exaggerate in my claim that reading this book will change your life, if you so allow.”
— Susan C. Eliason, Teaching and Learning Consultant, Center for Teaching and Learning, Brigham Young University

“Jane has summarized so many of the key principles I have found to be most effective in promoting my own health. When I follow these principles, I have more energy, less pressure from doctors, and peace of mind.”
— David D. Williams, PhD; Professor of Instructional Psychology and Technology, Brigham Young University

“Reading this book will make you feel like you’re talking to a trusted advisor as Jane poses and answers questions about the connection between a whole food, plant-based diet and an 1833 revelation that has never held more relevance to the health and vitality of the Saints than it does today. The real stories from LDS people living the Word of Wisdom are gems of personal inspiration that will speak to your heart and move you to action as people from all walks of life describe their experiences of awakening to the Word of Wisdom.”
— Jessica Duffett, Speech-Language Pathologist, EdD candidate

“I love Discovering the Word of Wisdom! Jane Birch has compiled treasures of knowledge and truth into a format that is easy to read and speaks to my heart. She presents compelling evidence from revelation and science that we can find health and vitality by eating a whole food, plant-based diet. This book is an incredible resource for anyone who wants to receive a full measure of the blessings promised in the Word of Wisdom.”
— Rebekah George, MPA; homemaker and mother of three

“I’ve read a few other books that compare and contrast the Standard American Diet with the Word of Wisdom. Jane’s tops them all, because she combines scientific findings, words of ancient and modern prophets, her own personal journey, as well as other true healing experiences. Like many others, I spent years seeking for inspiration and searching out science that Jane synthesizes succinctly and simply in this short book. Many books and studies she cites are interesting but pretty difficult to read. Jane’s Discovering the Word of Wisdom is better, because it is written without hype or excess jargon. Instead of confusion from designing men, Jane gives gospel clarity.”
— Ginger Conrad, homemaker and healthy human

“Jane Birch is a living example of commitment to a challenging dietary lifestyle. Her book is a guide to the path of healthy eating and a testimony of the journey’s blessings. A Zion people will live this way!”
— Joyce Kinmont, Founder of LDS Home Education Assn.; author of Diet Decisions for Latter-day Saints, ldsdietandhealth.org

“Jane’s decision to make this radical life change occurred while I was working with her at BYU, and her gung-ho enthusiasm inspired me and my husband to examine our own eating habits. Ultimately we decided to take the plunge and noticed an incredible difference in the energy and health that ensued. The Word of Wisdom means so much more to us now that we live the do’s just as much as we heed the don’t’s.”
— Robyn Rowley, BS, Psychology, Brigham Young University

“What a gift Jane’s book is to all people who are trying to live a quality, healthy lifestyle!”
— Tom and Carol Cherry, owners of Provo Piano Academy

“Jane Birch has a mission—an awakening to the real principles in the Word of Wisdom—so that we really shall run and not be weary, and walk and not faint.”
— Stan and Sharon Miller, authors of Especially for Mormons; Provo Freedom Festival volunteers (27 years); Humanitarian Country Directors in the Hungary Budapest Mission


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